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KingSmart - Accounting System

KingSmart Financial Management

The hotel back office software of KingSmart is a robust, secure financial package. Built for Windows, KingSmart Accounting Software offers a reliable financial system for PCs.

The core system includes: General Ledger, Cash Management, Budgeting, Tax Management, Group Consolidation Reporting and Auto Linker to all KingSmart Hotel Software modules software

The KingSmart Financial Software will provide you with the essential bookkeeping functions and the ability to easily create a variety of sophisticated financial reports.

KingSmart provides a powerful set of tools to simplify and speed up the accounting process by streamlining functions to suit your specific business needs.

Mostly important, KingSmart Accounting System comes with unlimited seamless interfacing to all KingSmart add-on products and interfaces like KingSmart PMS Hotel Property Management System, KingSmart POS for Retail, Hotel and Restaurant, Spa, Conference, Event Centre, Recreational Point of Sale Software, KingSmart Call Accounting, KingSmart HR & Payroll, and KingSmart Stock & Cost Management.




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