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KingSmart HR & Payroll Management

Whether you employ 10 or 100,000 staff now or in the future, KingSmart HR & Payroll Management Software is a powerful fully integrated HR & Payroll system that will save you hours of manual HR & Payroll-processing time while keeping employees pay, tax and entitlement records, times sheets, and information completely up-to-date.


Human Resources Management & Payroll

Payroll for KingSmart The most important business function for organisations of any size is running a prompt and accurate payroll. The flow-on effects of payroll errors can have a crippling influence on stability at both the workforce and macro organisational level. Businesses using KingSmart Payroll Software can totally ensure this stability by utilising Payroll for KingSmart. The Payroll Software for KingSmart module extends its capability beyond reliable pay calculation to provide management with reports and breakdowns on payroll cost, human resource attributes and overall organisational capability.

KingSmart Smart Card & Ticketing Management is integrated to KingSmart HR & Payroll system for recording and managing staff attendants, users access and on/off duty management.

Smart Card Security Access with log book tracking systems. There are complete management of staff meals, access to facilities and management events.

KingSmart PNP also comes with unlimited seamless interfacing to all KingSmart add-on hotel software products and interfaces like KingSmart POS Hotel and Restaurant Point of sale, KingSmart PMS Hotel Property Management System, KingSmart Back Office.

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