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KingSmart Genesis
Hotel Property Management System

KingSmart Hotel Property Management System modules are designed to provide hotel staff and management with an efficient software tool to monitor and provide services to hotel guests and groups promptly and accurately. An optimised user interface, and a seamless operational integration with Reservation, Front Desk Reception, House Keeping, Centralized Billing, Night Audit, Accounts Receivable, KingSmart Sales and Marketing Software, Report Generator, Guest/Corporate History and office productivity tools provide an efficient and easy to use application module.

The new KingSmart PMS Midas is directly interfaced to Tablet devices for fast and effective hotel property management.

KingSmart PMS also comes with unlimited seamless interfacing to all KingSmart add-on products and interfaces such as Functions/Event Management, Spa/Recreation, Smart Card/Ticketing, KingSmart POS, KingSmart Call Accounting, KingSmart BackOffice Accounting software, KingSmart HR & Payroll software, KingSmart Stock & Costing Management software
, and online webSolutions.

New Smart Card & Ticketing Management

Complete log book tracking and audit management systems for VIP, Corporate or Short Term discounts smart cards.
Multiple functions to store credits and provide discounts.
Complete authority access controls

Complete integration to all hotel outlets for guest billing, settle bills and combine bills etc
Duplication of Cards
Credit Limits Control
Ticketing Management

Other third party Interfaces can be added such as phone system, electronic keys, voice mail, movies, Internet reservations, internet access, room remote control and much more!

Depending on the level of customised service required, and the size of your property/business, you may choose from 5 different editions of KingSmart Hotel Property Management System. These editions provide total integrated hotel management solutions to properties as small as 10 rooms to global, multi-branded 5 star hotel environment.

KingSmart PMS Lite

KingSmart HPMS Lite is designed for small Hotel, Motel, Resort, B&Bs (up to 30 rooms/units) emphasising ease of use, and affordability.

The Lite edition consists of Basic Reservation and Front Desk Folio/Guest Management; House Keeping, Night Audit, Basic Sales & Marketing and Hotel Billing; All History for Guest, Folios and Transactions; Room Status, Charts, Plan, Graphical and Figure Analysis. Basic Control Panel, Reports Generator and More.....

KingSmart PMS Express

KingSmart HPMS Express is designed for small to mid-size hotels, motels, resorts, apartments (recommended for up to 100 rooms/units) with basic service and emphasising ease of use, affordability.

The Express edition includes ALL Lite edition features with additional functions such as; Advanced Reservation, Groups Management, Extended Control Panel and Extended Central & Groups Billing and Internal Management Tools.

KingSmart PMS Standard

KingSmart PMS Standard Edition is designed for mid-size to large hotels, resorts, serviced apartments emphasising ease of use, speed, reliability, integration of all aspects of hotel property front office and back office management system.

The Standard edition consists of ALL Express edition with additional functions such as: Advanced Groups Management with Complete Auto Features, Advanced Sales & Marketing with added VIP Management, Benefits, Packages set up. Complete City Ledger,

Additional House Keeping and Enhanced Central Billing; Extensive Staffs Shift & Internal Information, Communication tools and Room Rates/Tables/Graphics and much more.....

KingSmart PMS Enterprise

KingSmart PMS Enterprise is designed for full service hotel and resort property emphasising the highest level of individual guest services through our comprehensive guest profile; seamlessly integrating rooms, dining, and retail, recreational, functions, events, from just reservations to fully integrated Front and Back Office Hotel Management Software Solutions.

The Enterprise edition consists ALL Standard edition with more; Advanced Control Panel such as Arrival/Departure Notes, Auto Additional Service, Post Control, Auto Set Billing Pages and Advanced Room/Rates Management for all complex operations and package rates.

Special Company Accounts and Auto Roomings, with further extensive batch entry and auto features.

Advanced Sales/Marketing allow for extra Credit Check and Statistical Management reporting. Advanced Room Status/Chart with Multiple Interfaces and much more....

KingSmart PMS Ultimate

If you are a luxury international hotel who provides a level of service that will rate you a 5 star diamond property, KingSmart PMS (Hotel Property Management System) Ultimate edition is the perfect fit!

With KingSmart PMS Ultimate edition, you can customise your system to give your property team members all of the tools necessary to provide the level of service that makes a 5 star Enterprise hotel property!

KingSmart PMS Ultimate consists of complete full functions and feature of ALL PMS editions; Complete Guest Management such as Car Park, Lost & Found, Luggages and Deposit Safety Box Management with complete Sale/Marketing Allotments, Staffs Benefits and Internal Entertainment Management.

Complete Control Panel with Auto/Multiple Account Transfers; Customised Reservation/Folios/Group Masters Templates; Guest Nation Avoid Check and Complete Guest/VIP Reward Point Management Systems; Integrated System Warning/Monitoring, and Complete Drag/Drop functions between FIT Guest and Groups Folios.

Design your own Graphical Room/Floor Plan with features such as Double Click and Drag/Drop between all Room Status/Chart and Graphical Plans and Much More.....

Please Contact Us for KingSmart PMS Genesis Editions feature lists and more information on KingSmart.

Folio Pages

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Billing Page

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Search Engine

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Rooms Charts in MDI Design

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Sales & Marketing

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Auto Rooming & Check In

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Transaction History

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Folio Credit Checker

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Check in/out Chart

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House Keeping Status

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Auto Modify Groups

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Auto Post Control

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Auto Additional Service Posting

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House Keep Task
(Point System)

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Enterprise Floor Plan Quick Launch

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Room Chart Filters

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