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ComPower Support

ComPower Technology Support is designed to save time for those in charge of KingSmart and to ensure proper functioning of the system at all times.

Whatever your application or your need, we have a support level to match your requirements and give you a good night's sleep - every night.

Since the 80's, we have served small to large Hotels, Resorts with round-the-clock technical support services.

With ComPower support you can get answers to all your KingSmart hotel software Suite related questions from the ComPower support team. This can save you considerable time otherwise spent in research and experimentation. And as an extra plus, if you encounter urgent problems with KingSmart, you will get help ASAP. So why wait, when you can get your support now!

There are different types of support packages available, these may change depending on your situation.

For Hotel requires network installation or network consultation, please email info@compw.com for further details. Our Professional Service team provides an array of services to help you achieve your business goals.

Our Major Account Program provides project management, consultation, installation, technical services and on-site training. Together with the customers, our team works to understand and integrate the full potential of KingSmart products to meet the hospitality organizational and business requirements of the client.

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