webRes - Online Web Hotel Reservation Software.

KingSmart webRes -- keeping your hotel at the state of art technology with real time Internet Reservations!

KingSmart webRes allows end users, travel agents and booking agents to log on to your website and enter real-time reservations directly into KingSmart PMS. You control how many rooms are available through your website, for FIT or travel/group allotments, all without losing those rooms from your general availability!

For 24 hour, 7 days and 365 days, the guest can make reservation from your website instantly. Travel agents will be able to book using special rate packages with appropriate allotments.

With the advances in technology, all manual staff intervention is completely eliminated until the guest arrives at your door.

webCollect - Online Properties Data Collection Software.

- Cutting Edge Technologies! -

KingSmart webCollect allows management companies to eliminate daily faxing/mailing of reports and have access to each property's marketing, financial and statistical information in one corporate database.

webCollect is fully integrated to all six KingSmart Suite modules covers all area of Hotel Operation, from Front Office, to Financial information such as travel agent commission and City Ledger account, then to hotel outlets revenue, payroll and inventory reports available all in one Online Central Database.

KingSmart webCollect should be able to reduce cost and improve the management process by centralizing guest history, travel agent commissions and financial information and other front/back office related reports at the corporate office.


-Connecting KingSmart to the web.

With KingSmart webConnect, management and staff are able to access KingSmart functions on any remote desktop or Tablet devices.

Tablets with wireless online solutions allow to access and control KingSmart software from anywhere around the world.

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